Achieve The Business Success You Dreamed

Alemco has been helping entrepreneurs, small/medium businesses, new investors assist in starting and growing a successful business. Alemco provides the key resources for starting businesses and valuable entrepreneur training which is vital as you start and grow your small business. We use practical, proven training strategies that get the results you want.

At Alemco we know business owners are experts in their field but may not be expert in starting and running a business. We collected effective, affordable and convenient reports to get you the information you need to create that business. You get the small business resource you so critically need. We fill in the gaps and get you moving to create that wildly successful business that you have been dreaming about. When starting out, we help you by providing following services:

  • Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports (Project Profiles) on profitable projects

  • Entrepreneur Training

  • Investment Advice

  • Turnkey support services for Setting up your dream projects/industries

  • Following through with you to make sure you earn from your business by helping you make the business/marketing plans, HR support etc.

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