Board of Investment

Business in Bangladesh may be carried on by a company formed and incorporated locally or by a company incorporated abroad but registered in Bangladesh. The incorporation or registration is done by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms under the provisions of the Company's Act 1994. Companies could be classified in following categories:

1.      Joint venture/100% foreign investment proposals in the private sector
No prior approval or no objection certificate is required for setting up of a joint venture / 100% foreign direct investment. To avail of facilities and the institutional support services provided by the govt. entrepreneur/investors are advised to apply for registration to BOI in a simple prescribed form. 

2.      Self financed local investment proposals including industries sanctioned/ financed by financial institutions or commercial banks.
The entrepreneurs of such projects are to fill up a simple prescribed application form and submit to BOI for registration. After a first hand scrutiny of the information, BOI issues registration letter.

3.      Permission for setting up joint venture industrial units with the public sector corporations
any individual entrepreneur either local or foreign can set up an industry with Public Sector Corporation. Such joint venture is required to be registered with the BOI if the private sectors contribution is more than 50% of the project cost and in such case it is treated as private sector project. For any public sector which makes contribution out of their own fund needs approval of the concerned ministry. If the contribution of the corporation is 50% or above, it is treated as a public sector project. The public sector project is processed by the concerned ministry for approval of the Planning Commission.

Board of investment deals with investment projects both local and foreign. BOI deals with the followings:  

  1. Registration of Local Investment Projects
  2. Registration of Foreign Investment/Joint Venture Project
  3. Importation of Machineries
  4. First Ad-hoc IRC
  5. Import Registration Certificate (Industrial, Regular)
  6. The Bonded Warehouse License
  7. Registration of Technology Transfer Fee Agreement
  8. Remittance of Technology Transfer Fees including Royalty/Technical Know-how fee
  9. Work Permit for Foreign Nationals in the Private Sector
  10. Approval of Foreign Borrowing Agreement
  11. Allotment Of Plot and/or Acquisition of Land in Public Owned Industrial Areas

How to get different registration and incentives from BOI