At ALEMCO, motivation is a common phenomenon. Each one of us believes we can create an outstanding institution, which can be a global leader in its areas of focus. Our team members are with full of energy and enthusiasm. Our goal is to be the most efficient, accurate and productive, and to compete on a truly global scale. Our team comprises of professional from various sector like Energy, Environment, Industries, Finance, Management, Marketing, HR, IT etc. We have the proficiency of dealing with almost any sectors.


Obtained Masters Degree in Management from Dhaka University in 1976 and engaged in business. Associated and worked with Ispahani Group and with the Great Mirza Ahmed Ispahani, the founder of the Ispahani Group from 1981 to 1987. His active initiative has facilitated the introduction of power tiller in agriculture sector of Bangladesh in 80s and 90s. He became influential leader of the business community and elected Director, FBCCI and he was in charge of the standing committee of FBCCI on industry for long 6 years. He has gathered extensive knowledge in business industry and international trade, and gathered wide knowledge in the power sector and he was appointed one man committee by FBCCI in 2002 to draft the energy policy on behalf of FBCCI. He was also the member of the committee of Ministry of Energy for formulation of the gas distribution rules in 2003. He was elected to the coveted position of the Executive Member of the SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industries the Apex trade body of South Asia. He has represented and worked as the associate of many giant groups and world famous companies like the Birala Group, India, OPG Power India, Tractobell Belgium, Best & Crompton India, CMEC, China, NSRD, China, Entech Engineers, USA in the power sector amongst many other reputed companies. He is a widely travelled person and is currently working as consultant to various companies & organizations.

Read the Proposed 'National Power Policy for Bangladesh', Prepared by Mr. Delwar Hossain, Chairman, ALEMCO, for FBCCI in 2004 under his capacity as Director, FBCCI.

Mr. Zia R. Khan, USA

Mr. Zia Khan is a Senior Consultant of California Energy Commission. He has Designed the 2000 MW combined cycle power plant in Malaysia amongst many other works worldwide.

Mr. Taz Khan

Mr. Taz Khan is an Owner of the Power Generation Plant in Stockton, California and a Senior Engineer of USA having practical knowledge in operation maintenance of combined cycle power plant and expert of the heat recovery system and co-generation.

Dr. Manjid Vinayak, India

Mr. Manjid Vinayak, Ex-Director of Projects and Equipment Corp. of India Ltd. (a Govt. of India orgnization) He has done his PhD in metal and mechanical process from Yugoslavia and worked as an expert in development of different industrial enterprise in India. He is one of the leading experts in his field.

He has obtained the BSc Engineering in 1968 and working as a consultant for last 40 years. He is an expert in foundation of power plant and environmental mitigation and water treatment plants and working as full time consultant with ALEMCO Limited.


Ex-Chief Enginner of REB. He has worked as consultant for various power plants in Bangladesh.


A rural development expert and a former Additional Secretary of the Government of Bangladesh in the Ministry of Information and Rural Development. He was also Director General, Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Radio. He is working as rural development and Environmental expert with ALEMCO Limited.


Mr. Quddus has obtained in Masters Degree in commerce in 1970 from Dhaka University and joined the then Muslim Commercial Bank of Pakistan and later on worked in Rupali Bank in credit division. He is the Former Executive Vice President of City Bank Limited now working with ALEMCO Limited as financial consultant.


A former Deputy Managing Director of Rupali Bank Limited he has worked as Branch Head and DGM, and Sonali Bank, London Branchm and in Karachi Branch of Rupali Bank. He is an expert in the international finance and stock affairs. He is working as a financial consultant with ALEMCO.


Mr. Alam has retired in 2007 as a Controller of Accounts and Finance of Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation. During his work in the BADC he has gathered enough knowledge in financial management, budgeting, revenue collection and cash flow management of the company. He is working as a full time financial consultant of ALEMCO Limited.

Retired DGM of Parjatan Corporation, an expert in the logistic immigration and event management. He is working as project consultant for bonded facilities and appointment of foreign experts. He is now working as a consultant with ALEMCO Limited.

LUTHFE ALAM, Advocate 

Mr. Luthfe Alam is a former President of Dhaka District Bar and is working with ALEMCO Limited as a consultant for Legal Affairs.


A Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court, is the legal affairs consultant for different projects undertaken ALEMCO Limited.


A Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court, Bangladesh. He is working with ALEMCO Limited on as consultant for legal matters of income tax, tax holiday and accelerated depreciation etc.


A senior Engineer of the power sector of the country. He in the former member, planning of the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) and retired in 2002 and working with ALEMCO Limited as consultant.


A former Member, Generation of Bangladesh power Development Board, retired in 2005 and working as consultant with ALEMCO Limited. During his tenure in BPDP he was project director in Meghnaghat 300MW combined cycle power plant.


A reputed power engineer has served BPDB and DESA for long 30 years and retired as Member Engineering, DESA in 2004. During his tenure he was Pproject Director of Greater Dhaka Power Distribution Project and most of the Dhaka city was covered by underground cabling during his tenure. He is working with ALEMCO as consultant.


Former Director, Program of Bangladesh Power Development Board and is working with ALEMCO Limited.


Retired Chief Engineer, Bangladesh Power Development Board now working with ALEMCO Ltd.


Mechanical Engineer who has worked in the erection & commissioning of Ghorashal Power Plant when he was working as a Director of Mechanical equipment in water development board. He has gathered enough knowledge by installing the 210 MW power plant in Ghorashal Power Plant. He has retired as a Chief Engineer, Dredger, Water Development Board and working with ALEMCO Limited as full time consultant.

Mr. Fili Feng, Engineer Information Technology (IT)
An Engineer from the Chengdu University and working with ALEMCO Limited as an IT Consultant..